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Following video explains the software and how it works:

Are you looking for a simple software or utility to publish your forex account statement from MT4 platform on the Internet in a meaningful, simple way? You can either use a third-party forex statement publication service which ends up stealing your visitors or settle for the crude look of the traditional statement publication that MT4 provides. Now there is a simple solution. Try the free version of my software and you will see how easy it is to do it without compromising on anything. There is a paid version too if you like.

This software is nothing but a bunch of EX4 and PHP/MySQL scripts that takes no time to setup.


  • Easy to install and very low overheads such as bandwidth and CPU/memory usage.
  • Simple but effective graphs you can show anywhere on your site.
  • Free version available to try before you decide to buy paid version. Free version is ads supported.
  • Mobile devices friendly design.
  • Easy to understand and simple user interface.
  • Open source – you can modify the code to suite your needs.
  • Single user and multi user support with the same installation. Use it for your own accounts or use this software to create your own myfxbook-like site.
  • Password protected data transmission to avoid security risks and account hijacking.

Live demo

Here is the link to see live demo –


This software is built using MQL4 and PHP/MySQL technology. It has been tested on the MT4 version 4.0 build 765 and PHP 5.6 with MySQL 5.5.23 or higher. You can assume that these are the pre-requisites. It does not mean that the software will not work on lower versions but it has not been tested.

Note that you must have PHP 5.6 or higher to be able to use this software.

Key components

Refer to the following image to understand how the software architecture works:


This software has following key components –

  1. Webrequestor.EX4 – MT4 script written in MQL4 language – this is given as part of the package as .EX4 file. This file takes care of communicating with your website and transferring all the important trades information from your MT4 platform (machine where your MT4 is running) to the MySQL database on your site. This component runs primarily in your MT4 platform and is configured to send the trades information periodically to your web server.
  2. Webrequestnew.php – PHP script to store trades information in MySQL database – this is a simple PHP script that the EX4 file from first component communicates with. The purpose of this script is simple – take the data being sent by the EX4 file and store it in the database.
  3. MySQL Database (fxrp_trades.sql) – this is the database table that stores all the trades data. The definition of the table is given with the package as fxrp_trades.sql.
  4. Presentation component (index.php) – this is the presentation part of the software. It reads the trades data and displays in a meaningful, presentable way to the users.

Installation instructions:

  1. Detailed installation guide is available here –

Use our software for free on our site. 

As of 2020-12-18 => Newer version is available V2 – try it here – try V2 here.

If you have started using V1, you can continue to use it below for some more time. We recommend that you move to V2 above.

Same software is hosted on our server. It is Free for you to use as long as you like – use V1 here

Paid Version V2 – $20 per license

Use the cart option below and continue with the checkout. We use Square to process payments. You will be taken to our Square store.

Please allow 2-3 business days for all orders to be manually verified after the payment is successfully completed.

Our email may go to the SPAM / Junk folder. Please make sure you check there.


Paid installation and customization service – as low as $20

We can do installation of our software on your website and MT4 for as low as $20. Contact us for details.

Also, sometimes we get requests where users like our software but it does not exactly meet their need fully. Are you feeling the same? Don’t worry! For just $20 dollars we can do full installation for you. If you need custom modifications to this software to fit your needs? Not a problem at all! We do custom work either directly or via Fiverr. We are 5 STAR seller at Fiverr. Here is our profile – Contact us via Fiverr or use the contact form on this page and we will get in touch immediately!

P.S. – Some of our users have used our custom application development option to built a full FTMO-style website for their entire group of traders / student traders using our software. We can definitely do the same for you!

Want a full-service, hosted solution and forex VPS and want someone to maintain the whole setup for you? We got that covered too!

We can get you setup on a solid semi-dedicated or dedicated server, install our software, customize it for your needs and also get your MT4s setup on a VPS for simple monthly fee. Fee depends on the volume and number of MT4 accounts etc. Contact us for discussing further.

P.S. – we will also maintain the whole setup for you if you host and forex VPS with us. Contact us for more details.


Users showcase:

Here are some of our customers that have used our software and customized it to fit their needs. – With many accounts to manage, this user needed a good way to centrally review and manage their trading activity. Our software helped them do exactly that. We also built a custom aggregator / overview screen for them to organize the data the way they wanted. See below screenshot:

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