fxReports V4 – software to simply publish your trading activity to your website or run a full back office for a prop firm like FTMO or MFF or the5ers and so on …


How does the software work?

How to use the software to setup FTMO-like challenge on your website

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Full service offering

Pricing and costs


If you are looking for a simple software that will help you display your or your members MT4 trading activity on your own website or looking for a full-featured managed solution to run a prop firm like FTMO or MFF or the5ers and so on, you have come to the right place. This software solution can do all this and more …

How does this software work?

Watch the following illustrative video to fully understand how this software works and what architecture is behind this solution. The vide will also explain to you various options available in this version.

Video: How does the fxReports V4 work?

How to use the software to setup forex trading challenges like FTMO or MFF etc.?

Following video will explain in step-by-step manner, with examples, how to use the software to setup your own FTMO-like challenges on your own website.

Video: How to run your own FTMO-like forex trading challenge on your own website?

Try this software for free now!

If you want to try full set of features that this software offers – you can try it on our demo site now. Click on the link below to proceed:

Try fxReports V4 – fxReports V4 – Simple, easy forex reporting software (fightforex.info)

Full service offering

If you are interested in our software, you may also want to know that we offer full-stack service from setting up your website to running the day-to-day back office operation. We have done this many times over including for some of the top 5 prop firms today and we will be more than happy to do this for you.

Our service offerings are priced such that they are affordable for the new entrants in this field. We work with you to start low and then build a long-term relationship that grows with your company. Please contact us. We have done everything from setting up the websites, back office operations, customizing our software to your specific needs to running day-to-day operations that can handle over 1.5 K registrations every day.

We can automate the whole process for you so you can focus on what is most important – growing your business and taking care of your customers. We are the full-stack IT services company for your prop firm or any other business like that.

For one of our recent customers (reference available on request), we automated account creation to dashboard to account retirement – full end-to-end and handled over 1.5K registration each day.

We can also provide Meta Trade Server Manager API coding services. If you have your own White Label solution or if you have manager access to your own trade server, we can develop Manager API applications for you. Please contact us if you wish to discuss more.

Contact us using the link on this page and we will take it from there.

Pricing structure and potential costs

While each customer and their needs are unique, we can give some of the costs upfront as follows:

  • Cost of the front end software written in PHP and database structure in MySQL – one time license cost of $450. This includes installation. Note that software-only option is not available.
  • The software needs to be installed on your own website and you must have PHP support with MySQL hosting.
  • On top of this, following costs need to be considered:
    • Website is made up of domain and hosting. If you want to set this up from scratch, you are looking at about $15 per year cost for a domain name and about $30-$40 per month for good VPS or semi-dedicated type of hosting. This cost will depend on what kind of hosting service you buy. If you need this setup, we can provide the necessary support to get this setup via our trusted affiliate hosting provider. Please contact us for the same.
    • The software works with one of the three options to migrate data from MT4 to the website (this is explained in detail in the video at the top of the page):
      • Option 1 – use the MT4 EA that comes with the package. The EA is included at no extra cost to you but it will need to be run on a VPS on each account that is setup in its own instance of MT4 running on that VPS. So if you want to migrate trade history for say 25 accounts, you need to have VPS to first run 25 instances of MT4 on it and then run EA on a chart inside each instance where you log into those 25 accounts each – one MT4 = 1 account. This can get expensive as the VPS renting costs can be anywhere from 20 USD per month to 200 USD per month. Also, this option is very effort intensive but if you are upto it, you can certainly do this.
      • Option 2 – you can use our automated MT4 data connector service. In this case, we do the backend work required to connect and read data from the respective MT4 accounts. This is our proprietary service and we will charge around $3 / account / month. This is of course negotiable and you can contact us to discuss this option more. The advantage of this option is that we do all the legwork and technical setup behind the scenes so you can focus on growing your business.
      • Option 3 – (most recommended) you can use the software with MT4 Manager API. This is where you have your own trade server (or at least have access to a trade server via a Manager API). fxReports software can work with this option also.
  • Customization services – we can help you customize the software in any way or form you need to suite your requirements. We are five star seller on Fiverr – (checkout our profile and GIG here – https://www.fiverr.com/share/roz9Z0 ). It is hard to put price on this customization work as it depends on exactly what you want changed.

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