SMART SETGAP EA – works on daily charts for almost all currency pairs


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I have created this EA based on Simple Moving Average line. It uses a safer version of Martingale technique and works on daily charts for almost all currency pairs. Forex trading is full of risk and this EA is no exception. Test it thoroughly before you put it on your live accounts. Good luck!

Download demo version

Download the demo version now.

How to get Live version?

I am currently giving live version to only those who create a Live account at FXChoice or Easy-Forex using my referral link. This way, I get the commission and you get to keep your money for trading. You can also purchase the Live version from me for a small price but you need to contact me for the same. In case you decide to create the Live account with FXChoice or Easy-Forex, please contact me with your account number so I can send you the Live version. Note that Live version is available only for one account per purchase. Your account number will be hard-coded into the EA once you satisfy the above conditions.

Input parameters

Please run this EA on daily chart only. It is hard-coded to run only on daily charts. Please DO NOT run the EA directly on Live accounts. Always run it on demo accounts first. Following picture shows the input parameters. Don’t change anything other than the ones highlighted in yellow. If you have an account greater than 10K in size, you can think of using higher lot sizes but please don’t do it without testings. This EA can occasionally run into big losses. The maxSpread variable will allow you to keep the EA from opening traders when the spreads are too high. Use lower value if you want to use even smaller spreads. Don’t go over 50 as it is not tested for that yet. Keep in mind that this variable is in points and not PIPs.


Other key points to note before you run this EA:

Here are some key points to note before you can use this EA successfully.

  1. Always run this EA on multiple currency pairs simultaneously. This is important because some pairs may generate loss and some will generate profit. In general the EA gives profit in the end due to high win ratio but to avoid temporary big losses, use the EA simultaneously on multiple currency pairs. Check out the testing results to see which pairs I am running it on.
  2. I am doing one more thing to increase profitability. I keep doing back testing for a period of 3 months at a time. Keep adjusting the actual pairs where the EA is run based on which pairs generated profit over last 3 months and which did not. This seems to work well in general.


Testing results

This EA is being run on the demo accounts at FXChoice and You can check out the performance at the following URLs:

FXChoice – Click here to see the EA in action on FXChoice demo account – Click here to see the EA in action on demo account


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