About me

Hi and welcome to my Blog! I am an avid forex trader and enthusiast. I have tried my luck with Forex market for quite some time now. I can say I know few things about Forex market and how to trade in it. I can’t claim that I have made any significant money but I hope to do some day.

For last few years, I have spent lot of time programming forex robots (also called as Expert Advisers or auto-trading programs) that trade based on a technical indicators. My goal is to find that “perfect” robot that can trade day-in-day-out and earn profits. Not sure when and how I will get there but I am really enjoying the journey so far.

For privacy reasons, I am not sharing too many details here but want to let my readers know that I am a middle class, simple family-man from New Jersey and work in IT as my full-time job. You can always get in touch with me using the Contact Me link on this site.

Come join me in my pursuit of the “perfect” trading robot!

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